Take action A campaign guide for you and your council

1. Climate Action Plan for councils - an introduction

Councils up and down the country have declared climate emergencies. But what happens next? 

We need councils to turn their political promises in to concrete action by adopting a Climate Action Plan – leading the way where the national government continues to fail. And we need you to make this happen.

2. How climate friendly is your area?

We’ve assessed local authority areas across England and Wales to see how climate friendly they are. Enter your postcode to see the results for your community.

3. Develop a Climate Action Plan with your council

So you want to take action locally, and would like to see your council make a real commitment to tackling climate change.

Find out how to get your campaign started, and build support for a Climate Action Plan.

4. Climate Action Plans for councils explained

Our 50 point Climate Action Plan for councils covers a whole range of important topics. But what does it all mean?

We know this stuff can be complicated. So we’ve broken it down into short guides on each topic covered in the plan.

5. Climate Action Plan for Northern Ireland councils

We have created a separate 40-point Climate Action Plan for councils in Northern Ireland to help tackle the climate and nature emergency.

It contains actions for a local council Climate Action Plan based on our assessment of where significant carbon reductions can be made, while having a positive impact on community wellbeing and promoting participative democracy.

6. Be inspired - local authority case studies

Councils are already developing innovative solutions to help the UK meet its climate targets, from public transport schemes to investment in renewable energy.

Whether you work for a council, or want to encourage yours to do more, read our case studies to learn more.

7. Need a helping hand?

Enthusiastic about campaigning in your area, but need a helping hand? The Climate Action team will support you every step of the way when you join, or set up, a group.

Join a webinar to get started, and discover our resources.