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Welcome! We’re so excited that you want to be part of the Climate Action movement.

15 Jan 2020

Registering your new (or existing) group couldn't be simpler.

Just fill in our super quick form and away you go. You'll need:

  • Group name and location
  • Short description
  • Your contact name and details

Once you're registered, you'll get access to all our resources and tools to support your local climate work. You'll also be able to connect with other groups across the country to push for national change.

Plus, it's a great way to help expand your group and bring in new members.

As the person registering the group, you’ll be the group contact. This means you'll be responding to enquiries from Friends of the Earth and members of the public. You can change the group contact at any time by getting in touch with us.

If you’re part of an existing group – such as a Friends of the Earth local group or any other community group – you're more than welcome to register as well.

We’ll give you lots of resources, tips and tools to support your local campaigns.

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